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FRAZYNAT – FANTASTIC – CRAZY- NATURAL  gofd I am so glad that you are here. I am sure that you are curious to find out what this blog is all about. This blog is about supernatural powers and frazynat would lead you to the dimension of supernatural powers. Something which couldn’t be seen, couldn’t be proved is considered to be supernatural. Super-natural the word itself means to exist above and beyond nature. Supernatural basically relates to paranormal and occultism. ‘Supernatural power’ usually means that type of power which is not possessed through any technical or scientific means; which is not natural and baffles ordinary people and can not be explained from the scientific point of view . Frazynat would lead to its so called the “ magical thinking” which is nothing but casual relationship between actions and events which cannot be trusted by reason such as superstitious beliefs, rituals and prayers . In India and other Asian countries, supernatural powers had played an important role by the means of “power of the Gods”. This is present before the ancient period of great epics. It is a power on a person which is beyond nature a man with great experience with yoga and meditation which cures certain diseases makes them to float on water, or air without any support. Certain people have the power to talk to spirits. Certain characters of great epics like Hanuman in Ramayana, Krishna in Mahabharata etc were supernatural powers in the whole story. They utilize their supernatural power for something good. Certain members act as a mediator between god and the people with their spiritual sense. The Kattu-Nayakar is popularly known as guddu-guddupaikaran is believed to predict all things which will take part in future of a family. These supernatural powers are used at time to save people or destroy people and to particularize and communicate the unknown informations. It is interesting to observe that recent research in parapsychology has found acceptance of what is called the supernatural. Interest in the subject of extrasensory perception (especially) in experimental psychology is slowly gaining ground, and the results obtained seem to be beyond ordinary comprehension. The supernatural powers can be divided into 4 types 1) Unnatural abilities – this is how ghosts is termed as , disappearance of people , walking through the wall, possession of an objects comes under this category 2) Hearing sounds or voices – the sounds involve screaming , talking about certain information and considering a way of communication with the unseen 3) Remembrance of previous births 4) See beyond human eyes – which are basically the unseen. During the renaissance period which was 14th to 16th century was the period where people started to believe in the exisistance of demons or the evil, the difference between the god and the evil. The beginging of “supernatural spirits “are from 1800z. it was labeled as “spooky” as people started experiencing supernatural powers and also beliefs and it was an era for the writters to write about what they had experienced.In the 19th century which was basically the period where people started to belive on supernatural spirits through photographs and vedios and termed them “the ghost”. .Mostly supernatural is considered or related to the subject “ghost” but this website would leas to dimensions of craziest powers which couldn’t be proved, which still remains unsolved .we are born with fear and horror, the scientits says that these two would lead to the belief of supernatural behaviours and powers but there are several questions and the answers still remain unsolved. This belief is so common and most people are unaware about it and that is where contreversy starts. Magical beliefs are so common that the supernatural phenomena and those that cannot be explained by natural laws are real. Supernatural also relates to metaphysics which is a branch of philosophy about beings, identity and space and would certainly deal with this philosophy too. index There are several dimensions which would deal with the supernatural powers and each dimension has extinctive powers and endangering facts which would be disturbing yet creates an egarness to know about it. “The devils hour” is the and this occurs at 3:00 a.m. when evil forces mock the Holy Trinity. It also says that it is the opposite of 3:00 p.m., the hour when Jesus Christ said “Father, Into Thy Hands, I Commend My Spirit” and died. This blog will deal with all supernatural powers from air , water , nature and deals with the hidden facts and also about religion and the god and the evil . This website will also deal with supernatural presence, Satanism, witchcraft, demonology, religion, true stories which would haunt and that leads to the type of supernatural powers. withc This website will involve information about exorcism, the relativity, difference between ghost and demon, and then about the history and miracles about god and also some movie reviews relating to supernatural beliefs Supernatural powers are a never ending path and it involves great interest in people and has an urge and the thrill to know about this more. Supernatural powers are also termed to be magical power. This blog contains information’s about supernatural powers of past and present days. This helps you to gather information and knowledge about supernatural people, places and other criteria’s related to supernatural beliefs. This blog contains lots of pictures and enormous information’s about different kinds of supernatural powers and how the people deal with it. Supernatural powers are a never ending path and it involves great interest in people and has an urge and the thrill to know about this more. Supernatural powers are also termed to be magical powers .ghost


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  • De Monte colony is really very creepy. I v been there at 1 am in the night with my friends. I felt like someone was watching me without my knowledge and weird noises I could hear it surely did freak us all out.


  • I have heard that Besant nagar beach which is known as bessy beach and nearer to that beach there is a broken bridge which has some horror stories and demonic activity . I have been there for many times but only at day time. It seems that after 6pm policemens do not allow anyone to go to that broken bridge. sometimes it freaks me to go but its okay when its day time may people be around and it has beautiful scenario of nature !


  • oh yeah i have also heard about this , it’s been so creepy since i have heard about the Poveglia island which is in between Venice and Lido in northern Italy.So many people who visited that island is considered to be missing , so the Italian government had prohibited the people to enter that island , now the entire island is empty . they have founded traces of supernatural things happening there too.


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