Published November 27, 2014 by prathipriyap

It was a scary event which took place in Rettanai village which is located near Villupuram. The event took place in one farm. Before 18 years a girl fell down into a 40 feet depth well and died. Still her reason of death is unknown. From that time villagers noticed some disturbances such as a sudden movement of white image across them on the farms and nearing roads during night hours. They also heard scary whispered noises and someone pressing their chest during their deep sleep at mid night. These kinds of incidents were increasing on the following days. So people in that area were scared.After the death of the girl her family members too were disturbed and they were not in a good health or financial position. They found recurrent ill health and recurrent financial loss within their family. This went on for 18 years. Then the family members decided to hunt for a Godman (Pusari) to find a remedy for this issue.  So the Godman asked the sight of the incident and told the family members to take him over there. He started getting ready for the pooja near by the well where the girl fell into. He marked the place with turmeric and Kumkuma (kungumam) placed some neem leaves. Then he cut a lemon and applied kunguma on both sides and kept one on the east and other on the west. He placed a tirushti padigaram which was made of glassy stone like substance, dried chilly, lemon and a yellow cloth.           

TIRUSHTI  He made the family members stand near by it. He used two special instruments which are familiar in the villages. They are Hourglass drums (udukkai) which was used by lord Shiva and another instrument raw drum (pambai) which has two cylinders.

UDUKKAI                                                                images                                                                                 PAMBAI 

    download (3)download (2)

The Godman started banging the Hourglass drums (udukai) followed by his assistant with raw drum (pambai). This is done to get the girls ghost into a family member and event continued until a woman from the family member started a shivering dance and she continued with it. The Godman and his assistant started banging the drums even harder. The Godman prepared himself to question the ghost which was on the women. So multiple questions were asked to the ghost and the ghost replied for all the questions and ordered to do some poojas on every Friday before her portrait. Finally the Godman asked “If the poojas are done will you keep calm and leave the place”. The ghost accepted. On completion of the task the Godman fired camphor and put it in the mouth of the women and chased the ghost towards the hills. He broke a coconut and a final pooja was done to complete the whole scenario.






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