The Burnt Lady

Published January 28, 2015 by prathipriyap

The Burnt Lady

In the village Athur near Chengalpet there was a residential school. There the hostel was said to be hunted by a girl who got suicide. One of the teachers was on night rounds to see if all students were nicely sleeping in the midnight. Suddenly she saw a lady completely burnt standing in front of the window. Teacher was seeing the whole body straight up and asked “who is it?” Suddenly the burnt lady vanished. The teacher shouted “if you have courage come again in front of me.” The burnt lady with a loud laugh vanishing and appearing around the teacher. Hearing the loud laugh all the students woke up and one of them switched on the light. The burnt lady slapped the teacher and vanished. The teacher got fainted and fell down. The students sprinkled water on the teachers face and then the teacher got up. The whole dormitory students and the teacher were scared. This incident was taken to the school management. The management got a god man. He started to do pooja named shanthi ohmam with his assistance to get peace over there. The he erected a statue of lord Shiva and asked the management to do regular pooja everyday.


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